Rory Smyth founded OceanMetriX Ltd in February 2001 while he was researching applied statistics and modern Extreme Value Analysis (EVA) techniques at Lancaster University, UK.  Rory had spent the previous 13-years working as an oceanographic contractor and consultant to the Oil and Gas (O&G) Industry world-wide.  In the course of his work he had lived in five different countries and visited more than 20 others. He had been employed by a large number of companies (including STS UK, Metoc UK, EG&G USA and Shell Brunei), and had worked on a wide range of Metocean related projects.

13-years on OceanMetiX Ltd has provided services to most of the non-state owned O&G majors and to the UK Government. We have carried out projects in some of the world’s most extreme and diverse environments: from the Hurricane prone Tropical Seas to the ice floes offshore Sakhalin, from the open Atlantic to the land locked Caspian, from the Siberian permafrost to Saharan mega dunes, from the American Rockies to the Central Asian steppe.

Rory continues to be OceanMetriX’s sole employee but draws support from a network of independent consultants as and when required.  They may be brought in to carry out specialised items of work, to provide a second opinion or simply to take on some of the work load during busy periods. Our associated consultants include expert EVA statisticians, Weather Forecast Verification statisticians, environmental, wave and current Numerical Modellers and Researchers within academia.

Location of OceanMetriX’s Projects (2001 to 2014)

Americas: Alaska, Arizona, Colombia.
Europe: North Sea, Northwest Approaches.
Africa: Algeria, Angola, Egypt, Libya, Mozambique, Nigeria.
Middle East: Oman, Abu Dhabi.
Caspian: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan.
Russia: Gulf of Finland, Siberia, Sakhalin.
SE Asia: Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam.
Australasia: S. Australia (GAB).

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