• Analysis of Wave Spectra
  • Wave Simulation (Regular or Irregular)
  • Wave Propagation and Transfer
  • Surf Zone Currents

Developed over numerous projects over many years, OceanMetriX’s wave analysis tool-box combines in-house developed methodologies with third-party developed, industry recognised, wave analysis packages. Our capabilities are divided into four modules:

1 Analysis of Wave Spectra
a) Standard form fitting (uni-modal and bi-modal forms);
b) Sea, swell component partitioning; and
c) Extreme sea state verification (matching design sea states with winds and fetches).

2 Wave simulation (Regular or Irregular)
a) Wave elevation and kinematics time-series; and
b) wave height and period distributions

3 Wave Propagation and Transfer
a) Wave propagation modelling (accounting for wave refraction, shoaling and depth induced breaking).
b) Wave property transfer functions; and
c) New location, wave time series generation.

4 Surf Zone currents
a) Calculation of long-shore currents in the surf zone

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This movie requires Flash Player 9