• Tidal Predictions/ Tide Tables
  • Current Fields for Environmental Models

OceanMetriX Ltd provides Tidal Predictions and Long-period Current datasets. The Tidal Predictions find application in Operations Planning, the current datasets are used as input into Oil Spill, Dispersion and Drill Cuttings studies.

Tidal Predictions: Are developed from harmonic analyses of satellite derived and local measurements. The satellite data provide world-wide coverage, while the local data maybe used to verify locally the performance of the satellite datasets and to improve accuracy of the predictions. Up to 51 tidal constituents, including shallow water constituents, may be defined, leading to accuracy levels of a few mm and minutes. The predictions are normally presented in the form of Current and Water Level Tide Tables and Standard Levels Tables.  The Tide Tables are colour coded to show periods of ebb and flood, and Springs and Neaps.

Current Fields: Are developed by combining fields of tidal currents predictions to samples of simultaneous, locally verified, global current model data. The datasets are constructed at user selected depth levels and sampling frequency, and normally cover a complete year, which is selected so as to be representative of “normal” regional weather conditions. The long-term datasets may be delivered in ASCII or NETCDF format, as required.

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