• Design Criteria for Platforms and Pipelines
  • Statistics for Fatigue and Operation Studies

Design Criteria: OceanMetriX develops Metocean design criteria using ISO/ DNV compliant practices employing a blend of modern and traditional Extreme Value Analysis (EVA) techniques. Our EVA code and procedures have been extensively and publicly validated (they feature in the award winning OMAE2009-79466 Structures, Safety and Reliability paper), and include facilities to:

  1. exploit data from different sources (for example, measured, modelled and satellite datasets);
  2. pool information from neighbouring locations (for example, to create criteria maps);
  3. calculate combined directional forces (for example, to calculate drag on pipelines);
  4. calculate joint probability (for example, to calculate risks for reliability based structural analysis);
  5. calculate conditional probability (for example, associated criteria distributions); and
  6. predict the effects of non-stationary (for example, water-level rise or climate trends).

Statistics for Fatigue and Operations Studies: We employ ISO/ DNV compliant methodologies to generate plots and tables of Metocean parameter distribution statistics for use in structural fatigue investigations and operations planning studies. Our clients may select deliverables from our library of standard plots and tables – developed to meet the requirements of most standard investigations – or may specify their own design: we are flexible to format.

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