• Quality Assurance and Editing
  • Independent Return Statistics

Metocean data collection can be an expensive and risky business. Careful specification and planning of measurement programmes can mitigate, but never eliminate, the risk of data corruption or loss. Measured datasets need to be expertly examined to identify and tag periods of invalid data. This is important not only for the calculation of Contractor’s payments, but also to ensure that corrupted, potentially misleading data are not used in operations planning and structural design studies.

OceanMetriX Ltd offers expert, independent assessment, data quality assurance and editing services to the O&G Industry. Our services draw on more than two decades of experience of measurement systems, Metocean sciences and applied statistics, and are supported by data from our extensive, global archives. We are able not only to identify errors in datasets, but are often able to deduce the reason for the failures and recover data.

Quality Assurance and Editing:
a) Comparison with data from independent sources:
i) different measurement systems on same platform;
ii) measurements from weather stations, ships, satellites; and
iii) datasets from regional and global numerical models.
b) Assessment of physical processes.

Independent Return Statistics:
a) Identification and interpretation of invalid data; and
b) production of tables of valid data return statistics.

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