• Data Correction and Adjustments
  • Fit-For-Purpose Assessment

Hindcast models offer long-period, high resolution wind, wave and current datasets which appear ideal for use in offshore operations planning studies and structural design. But how good are the data? Can errors be identified and systematically corrected? Are the datasets, once corrected, fit-for-purpose? OceanMetriX Ltd offers expert, independent verification services to answer these questions.

Over the last decade we have completed many hindcast verification studies and have worked with datasets from all the major numerical modelling institutions – for example:

Wind/ Wave: OceanWeather Inc, ECMRF (ERA/40 and regional), Wavewatch III and RPS Metocean
Currents: HYCOM, DHI, Delft, Danish Hydraulics, Nansen Centre and Princton

We test the model datasets using a range of standard and in-house developed methodologies, selected based on nature of the datasets and the problem at hand. The tests include:

Comparative tests: Pair-wise or Distribution comparisons.
Tidal comparisons for currents and water level datasets.

Physical Processes tests:Vertical current shear, tidal processes, wave steepness, etc.

Consistency tests: Does the character of the data change over the hindcast period? If so, is this a natural process or an artefact of the modelling process.

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