• GO/ NO GO Weather Thresholds;
  • Operation Duration Projections; and
  • Operations Advisories.

OceanMetrtiX’s services promotes informed, consistent and efficient planning and management of Marine Operations in the O&G Industry.

GO/ NO GO Weather Thresholds:
We ensure that our clients’ benefit from the experience of Industry at large. We apply statistical models to operations logs and contemporary weather records to derive relationships between the probability of success and associated weather variables. From these we define GO/ NO GO Weather Thresholds.  The thresholds find application in Operation Duration Projections and Operations Advisories. They do not define safe working limits nor replace the judgement of the personnel tasked with carrying out the Operations in the field.

Operation Duration Projections: Perhaps a cheap rig could be used during summer months, or perhaps a standard rig could be used during the winter “low-season”. The feasibility can be assessed by reference to our operation’s duration projections: statistics of probable duration constructed from long-period historical and synthesised weather records.

Operations Advisories: We assist our clients to develop web based Operations Advisories. These combine GO/ NO GO thresholds, real-time Metocean measurements and forecast weather information. They forewarn of impending downtime and indicate the probable duration of disruption.

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