• Identify and Understand Forecast Weaknesses
  • Contrast Rival Forecasts
  • Promote Appropriate use of Forecast Information
  • Demonstrate $ Value to Users

Our weather forecast verification services demonstrate the strengths and weakness of our clients forecasts with reference to measured datasets. Furthermore, we may contrast the performance of our clients forecasts with rival services, public domain (web based) services and simple, minimal-skill predictions (climatology and persistence).

Our services ensure that our clients obtain weather forecasting service appropriate to their requirements and promote appropriate use of the forecast information.

Continuous Verification: From contemporary forecasts and weather observations we generate a number of custom and standard verification plots and tables of verification measures. The plots are largely self explanatory but the verification measures require interpretation.

Event Verification: If operations are sensitive to particular weather events we may generate event specific verification measures. These rate the frequency of correct forecasts, missed events and false alarms. If costs can be associated with missed events and false alarms, then we can demonstrate the $ value of the forecast to the Company.

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