• Metocean Statistics and Provisional Criteria
  • Regional Climate Overviews
  • Strategies for Criteria Refinement

OceanMetriX Ltd provides specialist Metocean Consultancy and Statistical Services for E&P planning and concept testing worldwide.

OFFSHORE Metocean Statistics and Provisional Criteria: We construct plots and tables of metocean statistics and preliminary design criteria from long-period (typically longer than 10-years) datasets from numerical models and offshore measurement systems. We verify, and if necessary adjust, these datasets with reference to data from independent, secondary sources, often drawn from our extensive in-house archives of VoF Ship Reports and satellite derived measurements. Available surface datasets include: waves, winds and meteorology; and  datasets through ocean depths: currents and seawater temperature and salinity.

Regional Climate Overviews: Using information from scientific literature and data from our archives we construct Climate Overviews. These describe regional normal weather conditions and identify extreme weather events that will govern operations and design locally.

Strategies for Criteria Refinement: Cognisant of our clients’ work plans, their sensitivities to the environment and the limitations of available metocean information, we may develop strategies to obtain further information and improve criteria confidence. These may involve data collection, modelling, purchase and re-analyses.

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