• Meteorological Statistics and Provisional Criteria
  • Regional Climate Overviews
  • Strategies for Criteria Refinement

OceanMetriX Ltd provides specialist Metocean Consultancy and Statistical Services for E&P planning and concept testing worldwide.

ONSHORE Meteorological Statistics and Provisional Criteria: We construct plots and tables of industry standard statistics and criteria using quality assured data from our archive of multi-decadal weather records from more than 16,000 stations worldwide. Recorded parameters include: winds, air temperatures, visibility, cloud height, precipitation, snow depth. Derived parameters include: relative humidity, effective temperatures and ice thickness. Statistics maybe presented for individual stations or the information pooled to improve confidence in estimates of extremes (eg Saharan sandstorms) or to spatially model conditions across a large area (eg Siberian pipelines routes).

Regional Climate Overviews: Using information from scientific literature and data from our archives we construct Climate Overviews. These describe regional normal weather conditions and identify extreme weather events that will govern operations and design locally.

Strategies for Criteria Refinement: Cognisant of our clients’ work plans, their sensitivities to the environment and the limitations of available Metocean information, we develop strategies to obtain further information and improve criteria confidence. These may involve data collection, modelling, purchase and re-analyses.

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