• Data Collection Projects
  • Numerical Modelling Projects
  • Weather Forecasting Services

With our extensive oil industry experience as project managers, contract holders and project executors, we are able to offer a wide range of services in the preparation and management of Metocean-related projects.

Project conception: Our consultants are well qualified to identify requirements for Metocean projects to support oil and gas activities.

Preparation of work scopes and technical specifications: We are skilled in the development of project strategies tuned to our client’s operational and technical requirements. We use our experience in contracting to ensure return of complete and competitive tenders.

Tender assessment: OceanMetriX is an independent company and our specialists are well qualified to assess commercial and technical components of tender documents.

Project management: Our knowledge of end user requirements allows us to manage Metocean related work safely and efficiently, and to overcome problems if they arise.

Quality assurance: Quality assurance is a key part of our project management services. We use our statistical skills and scientific knowledge to demonstrate the quality of services, and to identify uncertainties in deliverables at an early stage.

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